Why should I book with your company instead of another?

We have a unique number of advantages over other balloon companies. Here are a few:

1) We have been in business for over 43 years without a single accident or incident. No other balloon company has that perfect record.

2) We have our own FAA Certified hot air balloon pilot training school. There are only four others like us in the U.S. We have trained hundreds of balloon pilots all over the world including many FAA Balloon Pilot Examiners.

3) We have our own FAA Certified Aircraft Repair Station. We maintain our own equipment including most of the balloons owned by local balloonists. Therefore, our equipment is always in top condition and safe to fly.

4) Our company has participated in over 160 movies and televisions shows. Major film production companies trust us with their multi-million film projects. Our Chief Pilot has over 7,000 in hot air balloons, airships, gas balloons, airplanes, gliders, helicopters and auto-gyros. He is also an actor, stuntman, aircraft repair technician and instructor. A list of some of our films are available upon request and most can be viewed on our web sites or YouTube.