Hot Air Balloon Repair and Rebuilds

We are certified to work on balloons from all hot air balloon manufacturers. We sell new and used hot air balloons in our FAA Certified Aircraft Dealership and we offer complete service after the sale of new and used balloons, including warranty work from other manufacturers. Pilot training is available in our on-site FAA Certified Pilot School (QJBV584k). We have been in operation in Southern California since 1985, and are experienced in constructing complete hot air balloons, gas balloons and airships (blimps). We have constructed scientific balloons for NASA, JPL, the Military and other aerospace companies. Our advertising balloon department builds cold air (rooftop) balloons, helium blimps, and other custom designed inflatables. Our balloons have flown in over 25 countries around the world.

Before Pictures

After Pictures

Our banner department can construct both flat and form fit digitally produced, picture quality banners of any size, to fit hot air balloons, cold air balloons, blimps, spheres, and flat surfaces. Please see our catalog of new and used balloon parts and our catalog of new and used banners for sale.

Repair Station Capabilities

  • Annual / 100 Hour Inspections From $195
  • Envelope Repairs & Rebuilds
  • Basket Repairs, Refurbishing & Modifications
  • Form Fit & Stock Flat Banners
  • One-Day turnaround on repairs
  • Emergency service available 24 hours a day
  • Large parts inventory for: Aerostar, Balloon Works, Lindstrand, Galaxy Fantasy, Head, Sky, Ultra Magic & Thunder & Colt Hot Air Balloons
    Lettering and artwork performed using our computer guided cutting table
  • Over 25 new, used and reconditioned balloons in stock
  • Pick-up and delivery service available from two locations
  • Padded accessory bags, envelope bags & covers for baskets, fans, tanks, trailers, etc.
  • Nitrogen pressurization systems

FAA Certification Number: QJBR584K

Need repair or rebuild work done?

Contact us today and let’s discuss your hot air balloon repair or rebuild project. No matter how involved your needs are, our talented and experienced team of technicians can get it done. Email us or call (951) 678-4334.