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biplane-rides-san-diego-californiaEnjoy the rugged beauty of San Diego’s coast line. Whether it’s a sunset flight for two, an aerobatics adventure with wing overs and lazy eight’s or a hands- on experience putting you in control, this is where it all begins.

Romance is in the air…literally!

Whether it’s a romantic sunset flight for two along the ruggedly beautiful southern California coastline or a thrill ride, staging realistic bombing raids on the sand dunes below, let us be your guide as you step back in time to an era where open cockpits and goggles were the ONLY way to fly.

Your adventure begins the moment you step into one of our meticulously restored vintage 1920’s biplanes – authentically appointed and available for snuggler flights for two, cruising the coast with your honey. Or, if you prefer, take charge of the situation and try a solo run where you become the pilot, actually taking the controls and doing some of the flying, no pilot’s
license required. Flights depart daily from northern San Diego County and are guaranteed to be a flight of a lifetime experience.

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Questions? Call our office at (951) 678-4334 and we’d be glad to help you!

Biplane Rides Price List

Flight Length Passengers Price Booking
20 Minutes 2 People $229 per couple Call (951) 678-4334
30 Minutes 2 People $259 per couple Call (951) 678-4334
40 Minutes 2 People $309 per couple Call (951) 678-4334
50 Minutes 2 People $359 per couple Call (951) 678-4334

San Diego, California

Biplane Rides FAQ

How many people can go up at a time? 

Our antique biplanes seats two passengers at a time (side-by-side seating; bring someone you like). The cockpit is spacious and can comfortably fit two adults.  Children cannot be placed on your lap during a flight.

What is the minimum and maximum age?

The minimum age is around 5 years old for the.  A child of normal stature for those ages and aircraft will fit safely in the seat belts and be tall enough to take in the view.

What should I wear on my flight?

The aircraft offers good protection from the elements, so dress as if you were going for a ride in a convertible. If the temperature is above 70 degrees, you should be quite comfortable (really). When the temperature is below 70 degrees, a jacket is recommended. You should also bring sunglasses (polarized if you have them); we will supply the cap and goggles similar to those worn by Snoopy and the Red Baron. While any footwear is acceptable including flipflops, we do recommend sneakers for more solid footing getting in and out of the airplane.

What if my Gift Certificate is expired?

You have 1 year from the date of purchase before your gift certificate expires. We ask you to please try to schedule your ride before your gift certificate expires.  As long as you schedule before the expiration date, the ride can be scheduled to take place up to 30 days beyond the expiration date.

Are there any weight limits for the flights?

The maximum weight limit is 425 lbs combined, total weight of the two passengers. We may ask you for your weight before the flight, so please be honest as this is an important consideration with regard to safety.

How can I purchase a gift certificate?

You can purchase a gift certificate online by clicking here.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

There are a number of reasons we may cancel your flight due to weather (wind, low clouds, rain, etc.)  Simply put, we will not take you up on a day where you will not be thrilled with your flight. Your pilot has the authority to cancel, change, or shorten a flight due to weather or other variables. If we cancel your flight due to inclement weather, we will gladly reschedule your flight for the next best date.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no charge for flights cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. However, once booked, if you cancel your flight within 24 hours you will be charged for the entire flight (this includes no shows. Sorry, no exceptions). Our flights are tightly booked. If you arrive late (plan to arrive 20-30 minutes before your scheduled flight time), that time may be deducted from your flight.

How safe is this?

Everything in life has risk.  The most hazardous part of this adventure is the drive to the airport and maybe some bugs.  The aircraft is cared for on a daily basis and receives a full inspection every 100 hour of flying.  All pilots are FAA certified commercial pilots and all employees, including mechanics are subject to random drug testing.

What are your hours of operation at the airport?

We generally fly from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm Tuesday – Sunday. Sunday. We are closed Monday and Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Where will we go on my ride?

You tell US what you would like to do. Fly over your house or property, the beautiful coast or take a sunset tour along the bayside. Just tell us what you have in mind and if there’s time, we’ll take you there. We will discuss with you a “menu” of possible places to go before your flight.

Why can’t we do any aerobatics (loops, rolls) on my flight?

If you have not specifically prearranged an “aerobatic” ride, we cannot perform stunts. Loops, rolls and other aerobatic maneuvers are FAA prohibited unless a number of safety and legal requirements are first met. You must let us know in advance if you want to change an existing non-aerobatic ride.

Can I bring a camera or camcorder?

Yes! A camera with a wide-angle lens is perfect. It should have a strap if possible. A camcorder is good if it is one of the smaller handheld types. We do not permit either on any of the aerobatic flights.

When should I arrive for my flight?

We need you at the airport no later than 20-30 minutes prior to your flight time.  This will allow us time to brief you on the do’s and don’ts.

How far in advance should I book my flight?

Please try to schedule your flight 7 days or more in advance.

Should I tip the pilot?

While it’s certainly not expected, many of our customers are so thrilled by their flight, they just can’t resist a small contribution.

What is the best time to call and talk with someone?

Call us anytime you want. Our office is usually staffed 8 – 6 Monday – Saturday. Please leave us a message if we don’t answer your call and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

When do you fly?

We fly 7 days a week weather permitting.

Can I get a very last-minute gift certificate?

Certainly. Please call our office and we will email your gift certificate ASAP.

Can you accommodate groups or parties?

Absolutely. We can accommodate company gift programs, corporate outings, and team building. We have a large hangar suitable for rent with many different ride packages/programs. Catering, theme parties, and planning can all be accommodated. Please call us for more details.

How do I schedule a flight?

Call our office anytime during our regular business hours.

Do I have to sign a waiver to fly?

Yes, you will. All passengers must sign a waiver of liability. For passengers under 18 years of age, an adult or legal guardian should sign for them.

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