We have more than 43 years’ experience in the field of hot air ballooning

Adventure Flights has more than 43 years’ experience in the field of hot air ballooning – a career that has spanned everything from sport ballooning to commercial ride service; flight training to balloon repair, hot air balloon sales to advertising balloons and everything in between – making us uniquely qualified to help YOU find your nitch in the world of lighter-than-air flight operations.

Whether you want to fly for hire, dabble in the world of film work, set up a commercial ride service or go for the works, Adventure Flights’ chief pilot can lend his years of expertise in the field to assist you in setting up your own business. We offer pilot training in our own FAA Certified balloon school (FAA #QJBS584K).

As a West Coast Distributor for Aerostar International, Inc. for over 30 years, and having a wide variety of previously owned equipment available, Adventure Flights will guide you in your search for the balloon system that best suits your needs and then help you work out the details of your new entrepreneurial endeavor. We have flown in over 25 countries and have set up commercial balloon operations, flight training centers, and aircraft repair stations in many countries including China, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Middle Eastern countries, African countries and South America.

We are experienced in the design and operation of both manned and unmanned airships (blimps) having built, sold, trained pilots, and operated these airships in many countries around the world. We have contracted as consultants with NASA, JPL, General Dynamics, Lockheed, the three branches of the military and a host of other aerospace companies to assist with aerospace projects including several spacecraft. We have designed and operated many high-altitude helium and hot air balloons that were used for scientific research. Some of our high-altitude helium balloons have circled the world several times during their high-altitude missions. Please call if you want to set up a commercial balloon operation or have a scientific balloon project that requires experienced balloon designing, engineering, and operations.

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With more than 43 years of experience, our range of knowledge includes everything from hot air balloon repair to flight training to advertising consulting. Contact us today at (951) 678-4778 and let’s see how we can help you!