On-Site Repair Station

Adventure Flights is a full-service FAA certified and approved repair station (QJBR584K).

In addition to being an FAA-certified and approved repair station, Adventure Flights is also an Aerostar Service Center offering complete service after the sale of Aerostar Balloons, including warranty work as needed. We have been in operation in Southern California since 1985 and offer quality service on all makes of balloons.

* Annual / 100 Hour Inspections From $195
* Envelope Repairs & Rebuilds
* Basket Repairs, Refurbishing & Modifications
* Form Fit & Stock Flat Banners
* One-Day turnaround on repairs
* Emergency service available 24 hours a day
* Large parts inventory for: Aerostar, Balloon Works, Lindstrand, Galaxy Fantasy, Head, Sky, Ultra Magic & Thunder & Colt Hot Air Balloons
* Lettering and artwork performed using our computer guided cutting table
* Over 25 new, used and reconditioned balloons in stock
* Pick-up and delivery service available from two locations
* Padded accessory bags, envelope bags & covers for baskets, fans, tanks, trailers, etc.
* Nitrogen pressurization systems

We have in stock a large inventory of new and used hot air balloons, envelopes, cable sets, baskets, burners, tanks, instruments, leather straps, quick releases, fans, aircraft radios, communication radios and tarps

Flight Certificates

Flight certificates can get you up and flying today!

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Advertising Ideas

Balloon advertising ideas

We offer great advertising ideas such as Tethered Balloon events, Air Blown Inflatables, Air Ships (Advertising Helium Blimps), Roof Top Balloons (Cold Air Balloons) and Custom Banners for any event. Customer satisfaction is most important to us in catering to everything from the intimacy of a wedding party or group activities to a child's birthday party and everything in between.

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