Glider Rides

Whether you're at the controls or just along for the ride, soaring offers an uplifting experience you'll never forget.

Soaring from Warner Springs Gliderport, a glider ride offers breathtaking views of the rugged Ortega National Forest and the valleys below. On a clear day you might catch a glimpse of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Under the guidance of our FAA certified pilot, you can take the controls and enjoy the challenge of using nature's forces to soar with the eagles - this package is a favorite for those interested in learning to pilot a glider. At your request, the instructor will devote your entire flight time to teaching you the finer points of glider flying - putting you in the driver's seat.

If that's not your thing, we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy a leisurely pleasure ride - savoring the wonders of motorless flight and leaving the piloting to us. No matter what you chose, you'll love the freedom of gracefully circling in a sun-drenched sky with only the sound of the rush of the wind around the canopy. So now the choice is yours - it's time to decide just how much fun you want in one day

Warner Springs

Ride Orientation - 3,000 Ft. Tow
DescriptionPriceChoose Quantity and Purchase
30 Minutes$169
40 Minutes$199
Scenic Wonder (Ride for 2) - 5,000 Ft. Tow
DescriptionPriceChoose Quantity and Purchase
30 Minutes$219
40 Minutes$269

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