Adventure Flights has more than 25 years experience in the field of hot air ballooning.

Adventure Flights consulting

Adventure Flights has more than 30 years experience in the field of hot air ballooning - a career that has spanned everything from sport ballooning to commercial ride service; flight training to balloon repair;hot air balloon sales to advertising balloons and everything in between - making it uniquely qualified to help YOU find your nitch in the world of lighter than air flight operations.

Whether you want to fly for hire, dabble in the world of film work, set up a commercial ride service or go for the works, Adventure Flights’ chief pilot can lend his years of expertise in the field to assist you in setting up your own business.

As a distributor for Aerostar International, Inc. and having a wide variety of previously owned equipment available, Adventure Flights will guide you in your search for the balloon system that best suits your needs and then help you work out the details of your new entrepreneurial endeavor. Contact Jim today for an appointment to start your new adventure in flight.

Flight Certificates

Flight certificates can get you up and flying today!

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Advertising Ideas

Balloon advertising ideas

We offer great advertising ideas such as Tethered Balloon events, Air Blown Inflatables, Air Ships (Advertising Helium Blimps), Roof Top Balloons (Cold Air Balloons) and Custom Banners for any event. Customer satisfaction is most important to us in catering to everything from the intimacy of a wedding party or group activities to a child's birthday party and everything in between.

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